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Reach Out To Their Senses

A piece of printed paper, a phone, and Bluetooth connection are all you need to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your customers. An innovative marketing campaign is not only engaging for your audiences but is also memorable and leaves them with a good impression.

Audioposters use Novalia's printedtouch technology to capture your customers' imagination and bring your campings to life. With the use of printed electronics and circuits with specialized ink, audioposters allow users to play pre-set audio tracks or even create their own music with individual notes.

Combining visual and audio effects on posters allows you to create a whole-new sensory marketing experience for your customers. Multisensory branding is the future of marketing, and audioposters ingeniously fuse sight, sound, and touch into one unique experience. Printedtouch can not only help differentiate you from your competitors, but it also encourages customer engagement.

Increasing your customers' engagement with your products exposes them to your brand for longer periods of time, hence imprinting stronger connections and increase brand recognition. Be a pioneer in creative marketing and build your brand with the technology of the future.

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