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Near field communication (NFC) is becoming popular and may soon become a standard technology in our everyday lives. NFC allows your phone to communicate and interact with other items in close proximity. The current and most popular use of this technology is NFC payment and many businesses are beginning to embrace this technology. With just one tap of the smartphone, money can be transferred and payments can be settled.

Money transfer with the use of NFC is just the beginning. Thin Film Electronics ASA’s (Thinfilm) newly developed OpenSense™ uses NFC to create sensor tags to improve product security and allow real-time marketing and product authentication. This innovative technology can provide product security for a range of products including wine and spirits, cosmetics, health and beauty products, and even automotive.

The sensor tag is a printed-electronic circuit which can be tapped with a NFC-enabled device to detect whether the product is “sealed” or “opened”. Once the seal is broken, it cannot be repaired, thus it protects the customer from purchasing counterfeit, opened, or tampered products.

With this function, not only can your customers check for factory sealed products, but they are also able to confirm its authenticity. Additionally, the add-on value of securing your product with sensor tags will not only protect your brand but also give you the competitive edge to build strong relationships with your customers while gaining their loyalty.

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